We make our mirrors from glass. While some mirror antiquers will use paint stripper to distress a commercial mirror we make our mirror from clear glass which is both far more of a craft and a cleaner, greener, process. 

The chemical technique of silvering glass was invented in 1835 by the German chemist Justus von Liebig. We use a variation of his process and disturb the silvering process to give texture and the impression of age to the finished mirror.

Each mirror is hand made using a mix of art and science, and so it will inevitably show uniqueness and individuality. The texture will vary across a single piece and will vary to some extent between pieces. 

We have a stock of antiqued mirror glass as well as taking commissions.

Price 1/8" mirrors made to order are $50/sqft (minimum $200) with additional charges for all treatments such as beveling, tempering, drilling, fitting, delivery beyond 20 miles and crating where requested.

How thick is the glass?  Glass under 6 sqft can be 1/8" thick. Larger sheets need to be thicker to remain flat and strong.

Beveling & Drilling Glass can be bevelled or drilled for fittings. All treatments may affect the delivery time.

Delivery time When we are making to order please expect a delivery time of 3-4 weeks unless agreed otherwise.

Samples We have samples available. If we are posting we will ask for a packing and postage charge of $50.

Instalation We can arrange installation but we may need a site inspection prior to finalising the order details. Please be aware that all measurements must be correct with allowances for fitting. If we are not fitting the glass we recommend a template be made to ensure a fit and that care is taken not to presume that all frames and furniture have irregular measurements and so are not true squares.

Shipping Shipping beyond a 100 mile radius of Richmond may incur a crating charge. If we are not delivering we recommend that the mirrors be fully insured against breakage .