Looking after Gold leaf frames

Gold leaf frames will last for many lifetimes with care and protection. 

It is important to remember that a closed corner frame is made up of many layers all of which can be damaged by water. The gesso and bole layers will expand and flake off.  The gold layer, if genuine gold leaf, is at risk of being easily be rubbed off with a cloth, especially if damp, or even damp fingers. 

Often the gold leaf will have a coat of laquer over it that will make it stronger but even this can be tricky as this can be worn down exposing the fragile leaf, or sometimes one area will be lacquered and another not, so caution is always best.

The best cleaning for a genuine gold eaf frame is a light dust a few times a year. 

If it is covered in metal leaf rather than genuine gold leaf it will be both tougher by nature and be lacquered. Some frames will be strong enough for a damp cloth clean but please always presume not unless advised by us otherwise!

Whether a frame is covered in genuine or gold leaf it will have layers of gesso underneath which may chip with knocks and taps, or scratch. Repairs are best left to professionals. Matching gold paint or wax often changes color tover time making a fix look worse over time. We can fix many dings and if not we can find the right specialists.