We have one of the largest collection of finished corner gold leaf frame samples in the US. Some are uniquely made in-house others are picked from the best frame making artisans of the world.

About Gold Leaf Frames

Gold leaf frames are also known as finished corner or closed corner frames.  They are built in one piece and then finished with traditional materials such as gesso (white chalk paint), bole (colored clay paint), gold or silver leaf and shellac (traditional varnish). The corners will show no seam where they have been joined.

Over five layers of varying clays are painted on and sanded down to give their subtle and beautiful finishes. A number of skilled craftsmen will focus on different tasks such as carving, painting, gold leafing, patina and final finishing. 

Frames are made to order and will usually a month for delivery. If you need them quicker please discus to see if we can rush the frame that you want.

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